Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day Twelve: 22.10.11

This is my cat - Molly. She wouldnt sit still.


  1. I like the broad brush.
    Forgive my naivety, but are some of these pen and ink scanned in and others done in Illustrator, or are they all done in the same way? I don't suppose it matters, but wondering about those done on the bus!!

  2. Cheers!

    This one is done in photoshop. As is the other one done on this day, and the storyboard extracts. I have some pretty alright brushes for photoshop that I borrowed off of artists I like!
    Illustrator is characterised by vector art - very solid smooth lines and blocks of colour/tone. The only one I have done in it so far is the dead fishy.
    The rest of the images here I did in a fine point biro, some with pencil added after for smoother tone - usually the biro ones I drew on the bus. I had to photograph them due to my scanner being broken.