Thursday, August 22, 2013

Game Art Tafe work overview

This year I have predominantly been spending my time studying Game Art at Tafe, developing some practical skills to compliment the theory grounding that I got from studying at UniSA.

I thought it about time I shared some of the exercises I have completed as part of my studies.

Below are some very basic fighter robot concepts completed in first semester. The brief was to create a black and white sketch of a gladiator style robot designed purely to fight other robots - firearms not allowed. I developed two concepts instead of the single one to show what opponents might look like in fights.

 Below is my most recent work, some hand painted tile-able textures of different materials intended for an isometric style game environment. I completed both the metal and wood panel textures yesterday with variations for edges and joints. I have been thoroughly enjoying the texturing work at Tafe and am looking for opportunities to take it further

Below are some photo studies I completed outside of my Tafe work when I have free class time. Because I am mostly comfortable on paper I am pushing my digital painting skills whenever I can, and completing the expected course work quickly allows me to fit in some valuable practice.


Finally, here are some basic renders of the final modelling test from semester 1, where we were shown a object (in this case a nerf gun) and told to model, UV and texture it in class. Before commencing my study at Tafe I had never used a 3D modelling program before, so getting my head around Autodesk Maya and the 3D terminology has been a real challenge. Unfortunately I had some program and computer glitches during this final test so the gun is not quite to the level I had hoped, but given my past experience I am relatively happy with how it turned out. The gun and all its components (including the spare ammo) were done in just under 3000 tris.