Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day Nineteen sketch

Another quick biro sketch for fun


  1. these headpieces that you do.. ://O as well as all those beautiful flowy lines,n well. basically the way you handle your pen. i just this it's so beautiful. my hat off to you yet again!

  2. Thanks - I drew this one because of your comment on the last one. So I am glad you like it. =]

  3. omfgoat that's so cool of you!.(*w*) *idolising*

    n beacuse i'm already writing n don't want to come across like a total spammer, i'll comment on your most recent post here as well: that critter-jelly-thingy with sort of-legs.. i so want one of those!!x//D altough, i'm afraid i would totally catch something highly infectious. that, or that he/she would totally suck my brains out n lay eggs in my squashy remains. :/